Stop wasting time of your most valuable employees on endless interviews and long onboarding trainings.

Let us find you professionals perfectly fit for exact tasks of your company and ready to work without any long in-company trainings

Find your perfect employee

Get your new employee, find employee for your position, let us prepare perfect candidate for your position

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Every company is now an IT company, and every modern IT company is now an education company

Our product

For each client we develop a specialized course with a complete emulation of the workflow

  • task tracker
  • tasks and deadlines
  • infrastructure
  • the required amount of anonymized data.

The candidate gets to you for an interview after completing the course. No Risk. Payment only in case of successful hiring.

We do not teach candidates how to pass an interview, we teach how to do real work

Memo helps

  • free most productive employees from training newcomers
  • remove misunderstanding between Head of IT and HR
  • reduce the time spent for searching for new employees
  • reduce the number of interviews
  • get an employee with guaranteed necessary competencies
  • make a preliminary selection of potentially suitable candidates
  • get practical course of work in production
  • work in production environment

How we work?

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Let us create custom education course for your company

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